If you aren’t a snow person, you probably didn’t enjoy waking up to look outside and see that there was nearly a of foot of snow on the ground. Denver just got slammed with a winter storm, and the snow is here to stay. With plummeting temperatures and more snow to come, we’re only at the beginning of what could be one of the most intense El Ninos in history! With that being said, driving your Audi around town could get a bit sketch. Because of this, Avalon Motorsports has prepared a list of items you should always carry in your car with you this winter.


You can’t survive very long without water. Although you have snow surrounding you, it’s safe to make sure you’re drinking water that’s already melted and purified. If worse comes to worst, snow could be your saving grace, but getting it to melt could be risking. Never use your body heat to melt the snow, as it could cause you to suffer from hypothermia if you’re stuck in a snowbank somewhere. It’s better to have bottles of water stored that are wrapped in blankets so they don’t freeze over time.


If your car’s battery is dead, you can’t go looking for help with out light to shine the way. A flashlight is an easy solution, and you won’t have to risk your phone dying using its flashlight either. Make sure you have a few extra batteries for you flashlight; after all, you may just have to reconnect a few loose wires under the hood.

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