If you’ve been following our fun and informative blog series this month, then you already know that we’re giving you the top ten ways that you can find a reliable mechanic you can depend on. We’ve already given you tips like checking online forums, asking your local car club for their opinions and that a car shop with classic hot rods can be a sign of a good mechanic. Here are more great tips you should take seriously in order to find a trustworthy mechanic you can count on.

  1. Before you schedule an appointment with the repair shop you are interested in, be sure you check out what the appearance of the shop is like. Though looks aren’t everything, a dirty shop could mean that the mechanics don’t have the passion to care for other people’s cars, and that the fixes you’re getting could be faulty.
  2. Have you met the mechanics? A great way to know whether the mechanic you have finally chosen is good at what he does, is if you take the time to meet him. You should feel like you can trust him with your car, and if you can’t be open with him about your car’s condition, then we suggest you look elsewhere.

Can you believe there are still more great tips we have to share with you? Continue following our posts, you won’t be disappointed! Our next blog post will give you more great tips on how to find a reliable mechanic in Denver for your Audi repair.