Two-Tone Sports Car

Some might read the title and think, “That’s a bold statement.” That’s a completely fair assessment, but German-engineered sports cars are holding their own, from the racing field to the open highways and anywhere in between. At Avalon Motorsports, it’s our job to keep up-to-date with everything German car-related, especially as we provide nationally recognized German auto repair to the greater Denver area. Take a look at why German sports cars are the best on the market right now, and stop by our Denver location for any routine German auto maintenance you may need!

They Win the Races

If we’re thinking “best sports car,” we want one that is proven to outshine the others. There is no better field for competition in regards to the best sports car than on the racing track. Despite Ferrari’s most recent 2017 Monaco Grand Prix win, German-engineered Mercedes has been dominating the Grand Prix for years. Mercedes had a consecutive four-year streak at the Grand Prix, winning back-to-back titles from 2013-2016. Even if they don’t have the most overall wins (such as McLaren, with 15 titles), Mercedes has the most recent streak. This shows that their cars are currently ranking as the best when laying it all down on the track.

They’re Highly Ranked

With name brands such as “Audi,” “Porsche,” “Mercedes” and more, it’s not surprising that the sport models of these German automakers top the charts again and again. The Porsche 718 Cayman is ranked No. 1 on a Best Sports Cars list from Car and Driver. What’s number two on the list? Porsche once again, this time in the form of a 718 Boxster.

And that’s just for Porsche. On the same list, the Audi TT RS comes in at No. 4, and the Audi TT/TTS is ranked No. 7. Filling up the remaining spots in the top eight sports cars on the list are the Chevrolet Corvette, Lotus Evora 400, Jaguar F-type, and Alfa Romeo 4C. The fact that half of the top eight spots are manufactured from Germany goes to show that German sports cars are simply owning the industry.

They’re Known for Safety

Owning a sports car means driving right at the speed limit at all times, if not under. Just kidding, it means you better have a super safe car, which proves to be the case for German sports cars. Autotrader produced a definitive list of the six safest sports cars for 2015, and you probably have a good idea how German automakers are going to fare. Featuring Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen on the list, Germany fulfills half of the entire list of safest sports cars. No other country has that kind of claim to fame.

German automobiles are amazing for any type of desired car. In the case of sports cars, however, German sports cars reach beyond “amazing” and remain at being the best. Avalon Motorsports is proud to work with these incredible cars and the outstanding clients who own them. Whether you’re looking for a German sports car or are in need of some routine German auto repair, come to Avalon Motorsports!