In a few of our previous helpful blog posts, we gave you the facts about letting your Audi, BMW or other German engineered car idle. If you loved that blog, then you will love this one. Today we will be going over how you can save yourself a little bit of money when it comes to driving your sleek car around Denver. If you’re looking to save money to go on a the trip of a lifetime or just to have a little cushion in your bank account, then these few tips and tricks on how you can save money on gas from your German engineered repair and service specialists at Avalon Motorsports will come in handy.

  • Sure, many people love to zip in and out of town and be a speed racer with their sexy Porsche, but did you know that if you drove like a sane human being, you could be saving yourself money? Accelerating fast and breaking even faster can cut down your gas mileage in a big way.
  • Do you know when gas prices are the lowest during the week and on the other hand, when they peak? Usually, gas stations will lower their prices on Wednesday or Thursdays, so it is best to fill up your tank before 10 a.m. during those two weekdays. Weekend traffic will create spikes in gas prices, and if you can avoid weekend gas station trips, we recommend it!

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will be continuing our tips and tricks on how to save your fancy car on gas and keep money in your wallet. Remember to give your German car repair and service specialists a call if you need a fix on your car.