Are you prepared for driving in the cold temperatures and snow that winter in Denver almost always brings? I mean we all understand that there’s nothing like jumping into a cold car at 7 am to drive to work on an ice and snow packed road, right? So because of this, we’re hoping that you understand the importance of having your car checked by the Volkswagen service specialists, especially your tires, before you hit the road in Denver this winter.

Tread depth matters, especially in the winter time. You may not think that tires matter in the winter, after all, there’s not much you can do when you hit ice. Although ice is the culprit of many automobile accidents, tread does matter. Losing control on ice is one thing, but keeping control is another. If you have new tire tread depth when winter arrives, you’re more likely to keep control of your car, as long as you’re driving safely.

But what is a safe tread depth? Tread depth should measure 2/32 of an inch. To keep your thread as deep as possible, it’s important to rotate your tires every time you have your Volkswagen serviced, whether it needs an oil change or small repairs, tire rotations matter. Rotating your car’s tires every 10,000 miles in recommended, but it doesn’t hurt to rotate them sooner. Want to learn more about your tires and how our Volkswagen service technicians in Denver can help your car be as safe as possible this winter? Visit us online now and schedule your appointment!