1. Top Car Safety Features

    Top Car Safety Features

    If you’re heading out on the road, whether it’s a 12-hour road trip or just a quick trip to the nearest 7/11, your car should be safe. After all, when you’re behind the wheel, you’re guiding a couple tons of steel over the…Read More

  2. Worker Carrying a Chipped Windshield

    Types of Window Damage

    When was the last time you had your Volkswagen’s windshield replaced? If it has seen better days, you’re in luck, because the Volkswagen repair specialists in Denver at Avalon Motorsports can help! We have repairmen standing b…Read More

  3. Blue VW in a Parking Lot

    How Are Your VW’s Brakes?

    During winter time madness, there’s no doubt that your car took a beating. Whether the deicer took advantage of your Volkswagen’s suspension and undercarriage, or the oil was ready to be changed months ago, there is also anoth…Read More

  4. How To Drive A Stick-Shift

    It can seem terrifying if you’re stuck with a car that has a manual transmission, that is, if you have never driven a manual before. My dad had always told me that it was necessary to learn how to drive a manual, just in case of…Read More

  5. How Are Your Tires?

    Are you prepared for driving in the cold temperatures and snow that winter in Denver almost always brings? I mean we all understand that there’s nothing like jumping into a cold car at 7 am to drive to work on an ice and snow pa…Read More

  6. Signs of Faulty Suspension

    Believe it or not, our vehicles rely on much more than just an oil change and tire rotation every few months. They need to be given the attention they deserve in order to provide you with a safe and smooth drive. In our previous p…Read More