Blue VW in a Parking Lot

During winter time madness, there’s no doubt that your car took a beating. Whether the deicer took advantage of your Volkswagen’s suspension and undercarriage, or the oil was ready to be changed months ago, there is also another piece to the puzzle that you need to put into place: The brakes. The technicians at Avalon Motorsports of Denver recommend you get a brake inspection whether you agree or not due to the fact that there was so much wear and tear from the past winter season. So, without further ado, the last maintenance tip to get your car ready for spring is — you guessed it — a brake inspection!

  1. Get your brakes inspected. Can you imagine driving a car without brakes? Neither can we. Brakes are your saving grace, and they are actually the most important aspect of safety in your vehicle. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive; every car, including Volkswagens, need to have their brakes checked and replaced in some instances.

Do you think that your Volkswagen needs new brakes? Whether your answer is “yes” or “no,” you should still give your car the benefit of the doubt and have its brakes checked. We suggest that you’re better safe than sorry, so it’s worth it to make an appointment with Avalon Motorsports. Plus, if you need other maintenance and services completed on your VW, we can take care of it all in one fell swoop. Go ahead and schedule an appointment with our experienced and talented mechanics in Denver today to allow your car to drive to its full potential.