In our previous blog, we gave you some great tips on how you can increase your BMW’s traction to make driving in the snow much easier. Today, your Volkswagen repair specialists in Denver at Avalon Motorsports are going to give you some all around good tips to make driving in the snow less stressful.

  • When losing traction, it is almost always about the tires that you have. If you don’t have snow tires, or tires with enough tread on them, more than likely your skidding could’ve been avoided by upgrading your tires. A fresh set of tires is the best option if you’re looking to increase your traction this winter.
  • If you decide to upgrade your tires to the common winter studded tires that you see often here in Denver, make sure you don’t just upgrade 2 of the 4. Upgrading all 4 is a must.
  • Does your Volkswagen have ESC or Electronic Stability Control? Though many people don’t feel that they need it, it is a great way to increase your safety out on the snowy roads. ESC will automatically stop rotating your tires if your car loses traction, making it easier to regain control.

Don’t worry, we’re not done yet! Stay tuned for our next blog, where we will be giving you the final tips to keep in mind when driving on Denver’s snow packed roads. If you are in need of repairs for your Volkswagen before you can hit the roads again, be sure you make an appointment with us online today. Give us a call for more details.