We rely on our cars on a daily basis, and without them, you may not be able to get anywhere you need to go. When you have a car that you can rely on, you won’t have to stress about how you’re going to get to work or to the grocery store. But to keep your car in great condition, you have to make sure you are providing it with excellent care and maintenance on a regular basis. In Denver, Colorado we make it easy to do just that. At Avalon Motorsports, you can get all of the Volkswagen service and repairs that your car needs to perform great day in and day out.

With regular services like oil changes and tire rotations on our mind every few months, we forget about other repairs or replacements that matter just as much. Did you know that shock absorbers are something you shouldn’t ignore? If you think that your car’s shock absorbers could use replacement, here’s why you should bring them to Avalon Motorsports.dreamstime_xxl_13919838Safety
Safety is a concern for most of us. Safety usually means not driving over the speed limit and buckling up, however, for our specialised Volkswagen team here at Avalon, it means having an impeccable suspension system. In your suspension system you’ll find shock absorbers. These shock absorbers are what stop you vehicle from swaying side to side when it’s windy, or why you don’t have a trouble stopping. 20% of your stopping distance is controlled by your shock absorbers. So, if your shock absorbers aren’t replaced when they need to be, your could be jeopardizing the safety of yourself and others in your car.

Feeling every bump and crack in the road will only cause your drive to be uncomfortable. Shock absorbers take out the harsh imperfections in the road, so that you don’t feel them. Along with vehicle stability and safety it provides, you’ll get to experience comfort. If you have recently been able to start feeling every bump and imperfection of the road or your car is vibrating all too much while driving, it could be time for your suspensions to be checked out.

Without a stable car, you won’t be able to stay safe. Shock absorbers provide stability to your car. They create friction between the road and the rubber of your car’s tires to enable stability while driving down the road. Without shock absorbers, the wheels on your car would be taking harsh bumps and imperfections in the road head on, causing the body of your vehicle to move up and down and jolt with every bump. Without stability, you won’t have safety or comfort, and your car won’t last you very long.

If you believe that your car is ready for new shock absorbers, or you would like to upgrade the current ones your car has with a performance based set, set up your appointment with Avalon Motorsports in Denver today! We have master mechanics that you can trust. Request an appointment online now.