There are many movies out there that focus on cars and the speed that they can drive, but what we don’t realize is that many of these movies made an impact on what kind of cars we drive today. In our previous post, we gave you the first 5 of 10 movies that people love because of the cars and chase scenes. Here are the last 5 we know you’ll love!


  1. Herbie- Herbie is an all-time favorite! This Volkswagen Beetle has a mind of its own, and is sure to give you the entertainment you’re looking for, not to mention that it can make you really want to drive a  VW Beetle!
  2. Ghostbusters- Ghostbusters is a true classic. With a car that’s made to bust the ghosts in New York, this high-end Cadillac is an entertaining and dramatic car you’ll want for yourself!
  3. Gone In 60 Seconds- This movie is a sure classic that many people find entertaining. Starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie, this movie showed over 50 different cars, one of which is the most important, Eleanor the Mustang.

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang- Dick Van Dyke’s car that flies anywhere your heart desires is something that we all wish we could have. Watch this movie and dream about flying in your car anywhere!

  5. Back To The Future- This trilogy will bring you back in time with a car that you fell in love with. Watch this movie and become amazed with how fast and personalized the car in this movie really is.

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