1. The Historic Audi

    Like in our previous two blogs, we are going to be speaking about the history of a very popular car, the Audi. Just like the Porsche leading into the development of the Volkswagen, the Volkswagen lead the Audi into existence. The …Read More

  2. The Historic Volkswagen Beetle

    In our previous post, we gave you some history of the notably fancy car, the Porsche. These historical facts included the first Porsche being built around the year of 1943, that you can order your Porsche in any color your wish, a…Read More

  3. The Historic Porsche

    Finding a car that you will love for a long time can be difficult. You want a car that will drive you from point A to point B flawlessly, and in good style, but you also want to keep in mind how that car runs, as well as how it’…Read More